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Beth of NY ★★★★★
The flowers I received for my birthday from your shop were SPECTACULAR!!!! They were so lovely that I called to tell the florist how much I liked them and how happy I was to find a shop I could rely on to provide beautiful arrangements for my family and friends. My friend, who had sent me the flowers, was obviously refered to you and we all hope that when we send flowers that they will be wonderful, worth the money, and make the recipient happy. Yours did just that! Thanks so much!

Edward of CT ★★★★★
Rose arrangement turned out beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better price for what I got. They made my girlfriend's Valentine's Day. I will be going through them again in the future. Thank you so much!

Edward of TX ★★★★★
Delivery was fast, card was well-written and had exactly what I typed. Overall great service! I have to admit the delivery  was the cheapest in nthe area and the destination was a complicated area of Connecticut and It had snowed the night before. I am very happy with the service and may use it again.

Donna of CA ★★★★★
The recipient of your flowers was extremely pleased. (I live on the other side of the country). Thank you.

Rodger of CT ★★★★★
Best floral shop in town! Great customer service and always there to work with you! Flowers are always fresh and my wife is always satisfied.

Karen of CT
Greatest service ever.... love there designs and service.

Samuel of WA
Apparently they were beautiful & my friend very much enjoyed them.

Carlos of PR
I ordered over seas and my mom was sooo satisfied with the flowers recieved. She said the arrangement was beautiful and very very breath taking. She uses the flower shop now as her own florist.

Amanda of CT
It was a wonderful arrangement and a beautiful and solid vase. It was a complete success and I will be placing my next order here again. THANKS!

John of CT
Marvelous, fast delivery!

Kimberly of VT
Extremely pleased with the arrangement and how long the flowers lasted.