I was born an artist but was born into a family business of catering and food services. My love of color, presentation, and sense of aesthetics has kept me happily engaged and successful in both fields, often even combining them for specific niche clients.

I have extensive training and experience in painting, mixed media graphics, print media, corporate presentations, signage, web design, motion graphics, and seo. I studied art and painting at massachusetts college of art and have an associates degree in design through my years of attending colleges courses at the computer institute of cambridge. My Most recent project has been in post production work with an award winning HBO film producer.

As a chef I have worked for many celebrities and managed many important events including the opening of the Nixon library where 3 former presidents were among the guests. I also managed and was the head chef at numerous earth communications office events, Paramount Studios, Sony Studios, Capital Records, Harvard Univeristy among others.

As a working artist and chef my best strengths are my creative ability to communicate ideas and set goals, effectively through innovative visual presentation, and I am also a very experienced and capable manager who can oversee and direct many people to accomplish set projects professionally and on time, in any given environment or challenging circumstances.

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